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Weldmesh Fencing

Strong, Long Lasting and Flexible in use, Weldmesh is an affordable fencing option

Weldmesh Fencing has long been favoured by fencing contractors because of its durability, flexible application and appearance. H&B Fencings’ Weldmesh is a reliable option for security fencing including rail corridor and road pedestrian fencing, an aesthetically appealing choice for boundary fencing and a trustworthy option for animal enclosures, Weldmesh is the ideal fencing options for all types of applications. Available in to be powder coated in your standard Dulux colour of choice.

Weldmesh Fencing is suitable for a variety of applications:

  • Security Fencing
  • Rail Corridor
  • Road Pedestrian Fencing
  • Animal Enclosures
  • School Fencing

A type of steel fencing, Weldmesh is manufactured from steel wire, spot welded in each intersection, forming strong rectangular mesh. Produced on site at our production facility, our weldmesh is produced using quality BHP Steel which will ensure a high quality finish and product that will last.

H&B Fencing in Victoria produce quality Weldmesh Fencing

H&B Fencing are Melbourne’s leading Commercial Fencing Specialists, with an onsite manufacturing facilities that use only the very best quality steel and an experienced Weldmesh Fencing installation team.
For more information on H&B Fencing and Gates Weldmesh Fencing supply and install, contact our team on 03 9768 3777.

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