Customise the look and feel of your fences and gates with our premium powder coating colour services

At H & B Fencing and Gates, we specialise in creating innovative and custom fencing and gate solutions for commercial properties across Melbourne. An essential security and privacy component to any property, you can also personalise your fences or gates with a huge range of high quality powder coating colours.

Designed to complement the surroundings and add a fantastic finish to your barriers, we offer an exquisite selection of Dulux’s powder and industrial coatings. Designed to suit your needs, you can choose everything from elegant pearlescent colours through to anti-graffiti powder coating, corrosion resistant powder coating and more.

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The Dulux powder range includes:

For a touch of classPrecious® Pearls are an ideal choice for architectural residential fittings, such as aluminium windows, doors, balustrades and fences.

An ultra-low sheen, silky alternative to traditional anodised finishes. Each Electro® colour is cleverly designed to subtly change in appearance as light conditions alter throughout the day. Electro® may be applied to a wide variety of substrates such as architectural aluminium and steel. Electro® provides a classy alternative to anodised finishes.

High durable polyester, ideally suited to interior items. High durable polyester, an ideal choice for architectural residential fittings, such as aluminium windows, doors, balustrades and fences. It is equally suited to interior items and other metal substrates. In addition, FG is designed to provide a smooth film over porous substrates.

An anti graffiti powder coating that allows the easy removal of permanent markers and spray paint, ideal for items such as street furniture, public transport and playground equipment.

A collection of fun bright colours, ideal for items including playgrounds, electrical cabinets, interior and industrial design and all metal consumer, bright colours

A collection of Mannex® Textures, Scylla® Ripples, Aztec® Hammer and Interior grade Sarouk® Matt Ripple effects, designed to cleverly hide surface defects on fabricated metals, whilst providing interesting tactile surfaces.

Zinc based epoxy primer formulated for powder coating applications over blasted steel. Dulux Zincshield® may be used with confidence for improved corrosion resistance and durability, offers improved corrosion resistance and durability

An epoxy primer formulated to give additional protection for sharp edges. E-Prime™ can fill small surface imperfections and may be sanded. E-Prime™ provides a barrier coating for improved corrosion resistance; it is ideally suited to aluminium and zinc castings, hot dipped galvanized and other zinc coated and porous substrates.

Steel Handrails & Monowills Stanchions along a warehouse in Melbourne

What are the benefits of powder coating?

Can be used on a variety of materials including metal, wood, plastic, iron and more Anti-graffiti & corrosion resistant powder coating options available
An environmentally-friendly and non-toxic solution Affordable, only requires one coat

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